The Clay House | How to Prepare Your Child for Preschool in 2019
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How to Prepare Your Child for Preschool in 2019

Their minds are not to sit and be taught, they are to explore, play and learn!Pre-School is the beginning of a new phase in your child’s development process and your life as new parents. When, as a parent, you embark on this journey with your preschooler you often ask yourself certain pertinent questions:

Is my child ready for preschool?

Is this the best prep school in Gurgaon?

Even if the child has attended a few toddlers’ programs in the past, preschool definitely sets him/her for the new journey of making friends, gaining new skills, confidence and it is most of all preparing them to be on their own. It may be a mixed feeling, of excitement, and little anxiety. Due to the reason that their babyhood is disappearing and there will be times when your baby will spend more time away from you.

Preparing your toddlers for academics could be a little tricky, especially when you are a first-time parent. These days preschool preparation especially when your child is in one of the best play schools in Gurgaon or any other top metropolitan city. It is not only confidence boosting activities or simply playing, reading and exploring together helps but you, in this process, would require getting the child ready for preschool activities and curricula, such as getting along with others, accepting emotions of others like their caregivers and many such traits.

There is plenty of fun-family and mother/father-child activity that we may pursue. It ranges from taking your child out for nature walks to working on puzzles and board games, visiting the library together, etc. It needs to be a mix of playful and educational activities. There is more stuff along with playing with puzzles, books and string beads which help in developing fine-motor skills. Emotionally preparing your child for the preschool curriculum is also needed.

Let us figure out a few tips to prepare your child before preschool begins:

Visiting the best playschool in Gurgaon that you are planning to send your child to boosts confidence:

Taking the child to the playschool that they would be attending and visiting the child’s classroom, meeting with the playschool teacher a few days ahead is a beneficial practice. Talk about the expectations and activities of each portion of the day will help you reduce your anxiety also. Show your child the area in and around the classroom, the play area and where they will be keeping their stuff at, always add an element of interest/

Reading to them preschool preparatory series and storybooks help:

Spending reading time with them reading books that motivate children and increase their eagerness to join the school, such as – ‘Little School’, ‘Llama Llama Misses Mama’ and ‘Maisy goes to Preschool’ or ‘The Kissing Hand’ are few books that you may read out to them.

Pretend-play games goes a long way:

You can always indulge them in some pretend play activities to prepare them for preschool. Pretend that you are going to school, dressing-up, sitting in the school van, mingling with teachers and group time. Play games, read stories and snacking time performances work-well. This also helps them in teaching a few basic social skills. You can always use puppets to role-play.

Developing their self-help skills are significant:

Needless to say, that your child, at this stage, will need assistance in attaining self-help skills, such as – washing, dressing up, putting shoes and socks up and toilet training and table manners, etc. This is the time when you along with their preschool teacher at best play schools in Gurgaon and other major cities in India can assist them in building them self-help skills.

Learning to express emotions and feelings are pertinent:

It is important that your child must understand their feelings- what they want or need, feelings like anxiety, shame, sadness, pain in body, restlessness, etc. Besides knowing, they must be expressive enough to inform the teacher about the same feelings. It is important that we listen closely and try to understand them and boost their confidence to be heard. With nurturing support from parents also these behavioral traits develop fast.

Keeping your schedule attuned is significant:

As you are now embarking on the journey of parenting your first child, it is important that you prioritize your schedule and fit their time just in the right manner. As the child experiences their first weeks in school, you need to adjust your schedule according to their shifting needs. Work towards keeping a calm and conducive environment at home. Give them reasonable time and share activities, talk to them and discuss the matter over walks.

Developing routines much before you put them to a preschool help in adjusting them in their new life. All the activities mentioned above will make both yours and their life easier during these times of transition.

All the best and Happy Parenting!

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