The Clay House | Activities
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Activities are specially designed to stimulate the natural curiosity of young minds and nurture physical development, which are essential to the long-term growth of the child. Under the enriching guidance of caring teachers and instructors, children are allowed to do rich and meaningful exploration which ultimately helps them reach their social, intellectual and creative potential.

Free Play

Play provides the child a chance to outdo his or her age. When play is with minimum regulations, it becomes a concentrated dose to amplify all developmental tendencies.

Nature Walks

An excellent auditory-sensory activity, nature walks combine a plethora of learning opportunities. For example, counting the petals of a flower or the legs of a caterpillar introduces them to mathematical concepts, touching various leaves, barks, etc., builds their tactile sense, and so on.

Art and craft

Indulging in art and craft lets the young ones develop their fine motor skills and visual processing abilities. They are important tools to teach them self-expression and boost self-esteem. And certainly help us discover the little Picassos and Freidas!


Developing social skills is as important as any other academic activity in today’s world. Picnics don’t just offer a way to let the child bond and socialize with others, they are also great tools to promote responsible behavior and healthy habits.

Festivals and celebrations

We celebrate our kids, and we celebrate with them too. Festivals and celebrations instill values of understanding and respecting cultures in a fun way.

Admission open for new session 2024-25.


The admission window opens in January every year. Visit the playschool to collect a form, or download it here.

*Children who have completed 2 years by 31st March are eligible for admission on 1st April. Our admissions are done on a “first-come-first served” basis.