The Clay House | Clay Classes
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Clay Classes

The four levels of learning at The Clay House:


(2 – 2.5 years)

The playgroup where children are introduced to structured activities, group interaction, stimulating play and so on. Children start developing independence and learning through their senses.


(2.5 – 3.5 years)

This is the pre-nursery level that initiates in children a tendency to learn about colours, basic shapes, things in the nature, and so on.

Activities based on memory and observation, puzzle solving, and social habits are taken up. Children are introduced to personal hygiene, sharing, independent eating, and so on.


(3.5 – 4.5 years)

This is the nursery level where subject-based learning is introduced. Activities at this stage start focusing on language, math and environmental skills.

Activities at this stage focus on developing reading, writing and logical skills.


(4.5 – 5.5 years)

This is the prep level where children start getting nurtured in the framework of a designed curriculum. The focus shifts on developing the next stage of life skills.


Admission open for new session 2024-25.


The admission window opens in January every year. Visit the playschool to collect a form, or download it here.

*Children who have completed 2 years by 31st March are eligible for admission on 1st April. Our admissions are done on a “first-come-first served” basis.