The Clay House | Learning Methodology
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Learning Methodology

Learning at The Clayhouse focuses on experiential learning, and self-directed exploration and relationship building.


Our curriculum, based on the Reggio Emilia philosophy, our curriculum is based on the belief that during their early years, children form their own unique personality; they are filled with an incredible power and energy to learn several forms of expression. Therefore, they must be provided endless opportunities to explore and express themselves so they can find their own voice.


We encourage experiential learning, i.e., learning through touching, moving, listening and observing. We promote an environment where children are able to build relationships with other children and learn about responsibility, sharing and caring.


Our curriculum also focuses at personalized learning.


Every child is addressed according to his or her specific learning needs. While there are clear instructional goals and concepts are designed in an easy-to-understand way, we make sure that each session is woven with elements of art and creativity to widen children’s perspective and learning routes.


As your child grows, so does our curriculum. The curriculum continuously evolves with insights from new researches and studies on early childhood development, innovative technologies, and strategies to tackle the ever-changing patterns of challenges.

Admission open for new session 2024-25.


The admission window opens in January every year. Visit the playschool to collect a form, or download it here.

*Children who have completed 2 years by 31st March are eligible for admission on 1st April. Our admissions are done on a “first-come-first served” basis.