The Clay House | About Us
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Who We Are

The Clayhouse is a preschool based on the concept of creating ‘learners for life’.


Our mission is to encourage a deep love for learning in children, which will eventually help them achieve their potential and do what they are meant to do. We give a nurturing environment that encourages a well-rounded development of children’s physical, intellectual, social and emotional abilities.


We believe in igniting in children a passion to imagine, and create, a better world for themselves and those around them.

Our Vision

Children are the citizens of tomorrow. They are going to be the decision makers, run future governments, and determine how the world works. As challenging as it might be to work for strengthening children’s foundation, it is equally rewarding to see them soar.


Hence, to let each child blossom, we are committed to nurturing the uniqueness of every child in a loving, caring and respectful environment. We believe in guiding each child to explore and cherish the joy of discovery. We encourage them to ask questions and kindle their curiosity. To build confident and motivated individuals who will be the future of humanity is our aim.