The Clay House | Clay Pals
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Clay Pals

Clay Pals make life at The Clayhouse happening!


She is the happy-go-lucky little sunflower who loves kids and all things in nature. She teaches them about the wonderful nature and the lovely flora and fauna it is filled with, helps them identify them and learn their names. She also takes nature walks with the kids.


Uno helps children learn new numbers and makes them smarter. According to the stage the children are in, Uno familiarizes them with counting, numbers and the gradually with basic math operations such as addition and subtraction. He also plays with them a variety of number games to strengthen their mathematical skills.


The charming Alpha helps children learn their letters. Alpha is a magician with alphabets. Not only does he know the English alphabet, but is a genius in Hindi Varnmala too. In his company, learning words and sentences becomes a fun-filled activity for each child.


The lovable Humpty tells children poems and stories, and makes them laugh a lot. He knows a lot of fairy tales, fables and folk stories. Children love to listen to his stories. They enjoy it and also learn lessons from it.


Ollie teaches children good manners and the right behavior. She helps children understand the right social conduct to follow. She helps them learn the important words needed to navigate in the society, and teaches them how to get help, help others, be friendly and cheerful, and just be great human beings.


Curious Coco helps children do fun colouring and other resourceful activities. She gives them arts and crafts projects and helps them learn the basics of exploring their creativity. She leads them to find answers to their own questions and nurtures their curiosity.